Adult Reentry Grant Program

The ARG Program was established in the 2018 Budget Act (Senate Bill 840, Chapter 29, Statutes of 2018) to provide funding for community-based organizations to deliver reentry services for people formerly incarcerated in state prison. Funding supports Rental Assistance, Warm Handoff and Reentry Services, and Rehabilitation of Existing Property and Buildings

Permissible use of grant funds includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Case management services
  • Housing Navigation
  • Permanent supportive housing
  • Rent subsidies
  • Short-term emergency housing assistance
  • Transitional housing

In addition, the ARG Program is subject to the Housing First provisions in Welfare and Institutions Code, Sections 8255-8257.2. Under the Housing First approach, anyone experiencing homelessness is connected to a permanent home as quickly as possible without regard to sobriety or criminal history. Housing First removes barriers to housing by allowing individuals to decide whether to participate in services.

ARG Services Dashboard

ARG Cohort 3 - Rental Assistance and Warm Hand-Off Reentry Services

The Budget Act of 2021 (Assembly Bill 128, Chapter 21, Statutes of 2021) appropriated $67 million to award competitive grants for community-based organizations (CBOs) to support individuals formerly incarcerated in state prison. $31,825,000 was available for Rental Assistance and $31,825,000 was available to support the Warm Hand-Off and Reentry of offenders transitioning from state prison to communities with priority given to individuals released to state parole. The Budget Act of 2022 appropriated an additional $57 million with $27,075,000 for Rental Assistance and $27,075,000 for Warm Hand-Off Reentry Services.

ARG Cohort 3 RA/WHO Project Summariesopens PDF file

# Grantee City, County Award
1 Family Assistance Program Victorville, San Bernardino $2,750,000
2 St. John’s Community Health Los Angeles, Los Angeles $2,742,221
3 Hope Solutions Pleasant Hill, Contra Costa $2,712,385
4 SHELTER, Inc. Concord, Contra Costa $2,750,000
5 Interfaith Shelter Network Santa Rosa, Sonoma $2,750,000
6 Mercy House Living Centers Santa Ana, Orange $2,750,000
7 Homeboy Industries Los Angeles, Los Angeles $2,749,893
8 LightHouse Social Service Centers Colton, San Bernardino $2,750,000
9 Friends Outside Stockton, San Joaquin $2,216,253
10 Creating Restorative Opportunities and Programs Oakland, Alameda $2,597,495
11 Community Realignment Education Development (CRED) San Diego, San Diego $2,750,000
12 Inland Southern California 211+ Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino $2,750,000
13 Volunteers of America of Los Angeles Los Angeles, Los Angeles $2,750,000
14 Brilliant Corners San Francisco, San Francisco $2,507,560
15 The AMAAD Institute Los Angeles, Los Angeles $2,408,758
16 LifeMoves Menlo Park, San Mateo $2,749,654
17 Arsola’s Distribution Center and Community Services Oakland, Alameda $2,750,000
18 WestCare California Fresno, Fresno $2,750,000
19 Faith Advisory Council for Community Transformation San Bernardino, San Bernardino $2,750,000
20 Men of Valor Academy (MOVA) Oakland, Alameda $2,749,910
21 Starting Over, Inc. Riverside, Riverside $2,211,336
22 Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS) Berkeley, Alameda $2,750,000
23 Midtown Family Services San Jose, Santa Clara $254,535


ARG WHO Cohort 2 - Warm Hand-Off Reentry Services

The Budget Act of 2020 (Assembly Bill 89, Chapter 7, Statutes of 2020) appropriated additional funding for the Adult Reentry Program in the amount of $37,000,000 to be divided equally between Rental Assistance and Warm Handoff Programs. ARG WHO Cohort 2 addresses the warm handoff reentry services component of the grant.

ARG WHO Cohort 2 Participants & Outcomes Dashboard *New

ARG Cohort 2 Project Summariesopens PDF file

# Grantee County(s) Served Award
1 City Serve Network Kern $499,210
2 CAL-PEP Alameda $500,000
3 Insight Garden Program Alameda $123,124
4 Christ Centered Ministries Los Angeles $500,000
5 Homeboy Industries Los Angeles $499,939
6 ARSOLAS House Alameda $500,000
7 Goodwill of San Francisco San Francisco, San Mateo, & Marin $498,840
8 D & J’s Counseling and Support Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo $460,010
9 University of California, San Diego San Diego $500,000
10 Epidaurus DBA Amity Foundation Los Angeles $500,000
11 Union of Pan Asian Communities San Diego $500,000
12 Center of Living and Learning Los Angeles $498,290
13 Rubicon Programs Contra Costa $499,846
14 Manifest Works Los Angeles $200,000
15 Sacramento Covered Sacramento $500,000
16 Restorative Partners, INC San Luis Obispo $497,294
17 Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Education Program Inc Los Angeles $468,070
18 Goodwill Central Coast Santa Cruz $500,000
19 Operation New Hope San Bernardino $500,000
20 Beit T’Shuvah Los Angeles $500,000
21 A New Way of Life Los Angeles $500,000
22 Paving Great Futures San Diego $499,697
23 The TransLatin@ Coalition Los Angeles $500,000
24 Options Recovery Services Alameda $500,000
25 METRO Community Ministries, INC San Diego $500,000
26 Mass Liberation Los Angeles $499,999
27 Roots Community Health Center Alameda $500,000
28 Young People In Recovery Sacramento & Orange $372,075
29 Friends Outside San Joaquin $495,176
30 COSA San Diego San Diego $497,921
31 Avector Community Group, INC San Bernardino $500,000
32 The Place 4 Grace Alameda & Los Angeles $495,084
33 Willing 2 Move Forward Los Angeles $499,564
34 Center for Council Los Angeles $500,000
35 Hope Solutions Contra Costa $500,000
36 Catholic Charities of Santa Clara Santa Clara $500,000
37 Center for Employment Opportunities Los Angeles $470,861



ARG Rehab of Existing Property or Buildings Cohort 1

In July 2019, the BSCC began a Board-approved grant-development process that included drafting an RFP for the ARG Rehabilitation of Existing Property or Buildings grant. The RFP was open to a 30-day public comment period, updated as needed and returned for Board approval. The Board approved the RFP and authorized the convening of a Scoring Committee to rate the proposals and develop funding recommendations.

In September 2019, the BSCC released the ARG Rehab of Existing Property or Buildings Project RFP. All Community-Based Organizations (CBO) registered to do business in the State of California (determined by the IRS to have 501(c)(3) status) were eligible to apply.

In November 2019, the Scoring Committee read and rated the single proposal submitted to the BSCC. The Board approved a funding award of $5 million to the Amity Foundation for a grant period that runs from February 1, 2020 to January 31, 2030.

ARG Rehab of Existing Property RFPopens PDF file

Amity Foundation ARG Rehab Project Proposal for Fundingopens PDF file


Prior ARG Cohorts

Request for Proposals

In August 2020, in an effort to expedite the 2020 Rental Assistance funding appropriation to help with early state prison releases due to COVID-19, the Board of State and Community Corrections approved funding for 8 additional Community-Based Organizations from the ranked list of unfunded applicants in the previous round of ARG recipients.

ARG Rental Assistance - Cohort 2 Request for Proposalsopens PDF file


Awards and Project Summaries

RA Proposals Funded with FY 2020 Budget Actopens PDF file

ARG Rental Assistance Cohort Project Summariesopens PDF file


Cohort 2 Grantee Resources

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