Proud Parenting Grant Program

The Proud Parenting Grant Program, previously known as the “Young Men as Fathers Program,” was originally established in 1997 under the California Youth Authority. In 2005, the Corrections Standards Authority assumed grant administration responsibility for the program and in 2012, upon its establishment, the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) assumed responsibility. The intent of the Proud Parenting Program is to support young parents who are or were involved in the juvenile systems and/or who are considered crossover youth within the child welfare system. Participants must be 25 years old or younger at time of enrollment. This grant program assists participants and their children by supporting approaches that increase parenting knowledge, supports positive parent-child interactions, and improves co-parenting relationships. In addition, the grant helps to provide community linkages and encourages family centered activities to strengthen generational bonding.

The annual state budget historically provides $835,000 for the Proud Parenting Grant Program, all of which is used for grant awards.


2022 Proud Parenting Grantees

At the November 18, 2021 BSCC Board meeting, 9 organizations were awarded a total annual amount of $835,000 in state General Fund dollars. This is a 3-year grant service period beginning January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2024. Funding for each subsequent grant year is contingent on appropriation in the State Budget Acts.

2022 Proud Parenting Project Summaries

In alphabetical order:

Grantees/County Location Award Amount Local Evaluation Plan
Family Paths’, Inc. (Alameda County) $100,000 PDF
New Hope for Youth (Santa Clara County) $100,000 PDF
New Opportunities Organization (Los Angeles County) $100,000 PDF
Rite of Passage Adolescent Treatment Centers and Schools, Inc. (Imperial County) $99,983 PDF
Tulare County Office of Education (Tulare County) $100,000 PDF
Unity Care Group (Various Counties) $39,777
Vista Community Clinic (San Diego County) $100,000 PDF
Volunteers of America, Los Angeles (Los Angeles County) $100,000 PDF
Yuba County Office of Education (Yuba County) $95,240 PDF
Year 1 Total Award: $835,000



2022 Proud Parenting Grant Program Request for Proposals (RFP)

The RFP provides information necessary to prepare proposals to the BSCC for grant funds available through the Proud Parenting Grant. It was released on June 11, 2021 with an application due date of August 6, 2021.

Proud Parenting Grant Program RFPopens PDF file


Bidders’ Conference - Agendaopens PDF file

The BSCC held a Bidders’ Conference on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. to answer technical questions from prospective applicants about the RFP and provide clarity on RFP instructions.

Bidders’ Conference PowerPoint Presentationopens PDF file

Bidders' Conference Recording

Proud Parenting Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions/Answersopens PDF file


2022 Proud Parenting Executive Steering Committee Roster

# Name Title Organization/Agency
1 Norma Cumpian Chair BSCC Board Member
Associate Director, Women's and Non-Binary Services
Anti-Recidivism Coalition
2 Manuel Escandon Director, Student Intervention & Prevention Department Office of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools
3 Jeff Goldman Juvenile Program Manager Nevada County Probation
4 Michelle House Health Program Supervisor Monterey County Public Health
5 Gordon Jackson National Director SACJJDP Member PROTECT, 3Strands Global Foundation
6 Christina Ruiz Public Affairs Spokesperson, Youth Advocate, Lived Experience Childhelp


2018-20 Proud Parenting Awards

2018-2020 Proud Parenting Grant Program Project Summariesopens PDF file

Grantee/County Location Award Amount Local Evaluation Plan Local Evaluation Report
Champions Recovery Alternative Programs, Inc. (Kings County) $313,035 PDF PDF
Encompass Community Services (Santa Cruz County) $313,125 PDF PDF
Fathers & Families of San Joaquin (San Joaquin County) $313,125 PDF N/A
Imperial County Probation Dept (Imperial County) $313,125 PDF PDF
Neutral Ground (Orange County) $313,125 PDF PDF
San Benito County Office of Education (San Benito County) $313,125 PDF N/A
South Bay Community Services (San Diego County) $313,125 PDF PDF
Tulare County Office of Education (Tulare County) $313,125 PDF PDF


2018-20 Proud Parenting Program Request for Proposal Information

From February 9, 2018 through March 30, 2018, California County Probation Departments, County Offices of Education, and Non-Profit Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) located in the State of California were invited to apply for the 2018-20 Proud Parenting Grant Program Request for Proposals (RFP).


Comprehensive Monitoring Visit (CMV) Information

Desk Review Information


The BSCC has developed a Proud Parenting inbox to respond to any questions and to accept public comments. The email address for the inbox is new email . BSCC staff requests that all communication be submitted in writing at this time. If you would like to provide public comment, please use the Proud Parenting inbox to provide your input and include the words “public comment” in the subject line.

Past Proud Parenting Grant Cohorts 2015 – 2018 Grantee Awards/Project Summaries

2015-18 Proud Parenting Project Summariesopens PDF file

Grantee Award
Alameda County Probation Department $119,285
Contra Costa County Probation Department $117,285
Imperial County Probation Department $119,285
Madera County Probation Department $119,285
San Francisco County Probation Department $119,285
Santa Cruz County Probation Department $119,285
Shasta County Probation Department $119,285

2012-2015 Proud Parenting Grantees/Awards

Grantee Award
Alameda County Probation Department $135,392
Contra Costa County Probation Department $139,242
Imperial County Probation Department $137,323
Madera County Probation Department $139,242
San Mateo County Probation Department $137,053
Santa Clara County Probation Department $139,242

2009-2012 Proud Parenting Grantees/Awards

Grantee Award
Family Stress Center (Contra Costa) $92,883
Children’s Institute (Los Angeles) $92,883
MELA Counseling Services (Los Angeles) $92,883
Stop the Violence & Increase the Peace (Los Angeles) $92,883
Madera County Probation Department $92,883
National Family Life & Education Ctr (Riverside) $91,932
San Diego Youth Services, Inc. (San Diego) $92,883
Christian Counseling Services (San Bernardino) $92,883
Breakout Prison Outreach (Santa Clara) $92,883