2022 Proud Parenting Grant Program

The intent of the Proud Parenting Grant Program is to support young parents who are or were involved in the juvenile systems and/or who are considered crossover youth within the child welfare system. This grant program assists participants and their children by supporting approaches that increase parenting knowledge, supports positive parent-child interactions, and improves co-parenting relationships. In addition, the grant helps to provide community linkages and encourages family centered activities to strengthen generational bonding.


Proud Parenting Grantee Orientation and Trainings


Project Contact Listopens PDF file (as of February 2023)

Comprehensive Monitoring Visit (CMV) Webinar: May 11, 2023 | Webinar Recording

  1. BSCC CMV Toolopens WORD file
  2. BSCC CMV Expectationsopens PDF file
  3. Sample- Grant Activity Time Trackingopens EXCEL file
  4. Justification for Participant & Program Incentives Request Formopens WORD file
  5. Sample- Incentive Inventory & Logopens EXCEL file
  6. Justification for Food & Beverage Request Formopens WORD file

Desk Review Webinar: November 10, 2022 | Webinar Recording

  1. Proud Parenting Desk Review PowerPointopens PDF file
  2. Proud Parenting Invoice Supporting Documentation Packet Instructionsopens PDF file
  3. Proud Parenting Supporting Documentation Checklistopens WORD file
  4. Proud Parenting Grantee Salaries and Benefits Worksheetopens EXCEL file

Invoice and Modification Webinar: April 13, 2022 | Webinar Recording

  1. Invoice and Modification PowerPointopens PDF file
  2. Supporting Documentation - Examplesopens PDF file
  3. Invoice Narrative Examplesopens PDF file

Quarterly Progress Report (QPR) Webinar: April 5, 2022 | Webinar Recording

  1. QPR Template Part Aopens WORD file
  2. QPR Template Part Bopens EXCEL file
  3. Ethnic Origin, Ethnicity, or Race Demographic Form - Optionalopens PDF file

Local Evaluation Plan (LEP) Webinar: March 3, 2022 | Webinar Recording

  1. Local Evaluation Plan (LEP) and Local Evaluation Report (LER) Guidelinesopens PDF file
  2. LEP Guidelines Templateopens WORD file
  3. LEP Scoring Rubricopens PDF file
  4. Sample LEPs - Sample Aopens PDF file Sample Bopens PDF file
  5. Evaluation Resourcesopens PDF file
  6. Statewide Logic Modelopens PDF file

Grantee Orientation: February 8–10, 2022 | Orientation Agendaopens PDF file

  1. Orientation Recording Day 1, February 8, 2022
  2. Orientation Recording Day 2, February 9, 2022
  3. Orientation Recording Day 3, February 10, 2022

Section 1 – Grant Contact Information

  1. BSCC PPGP Staff Contact Informationopens PDF file
  2. Proud Parenting Grantee Contact Informationopens PDF file
  3. Proud Parenting Grant Project Summariesopens PDF file

Section 2 – BSCC and Grant Overviews

  1. BSCC and Proud Parenting Overview PowerPointopens PDF file
  2. BSCC Grants Coronavirus FAQsopens PDF file

Section 3 – Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Proud Parenting Administrative Responsibilities PowerPointopens PDF file
  2. Proud Parenting Grant Agreement Sampleopens PDF file
  3. BSCC NGO Assurance Formopens WORD file
  4. Grantee Contact Information Sheetopens EXCEL file
  5. BSCC Grant Administration Guideopens PDF file
  6. Justification for Food and Beverageopens PDF file
  7. Justification for Participant and Program Incentivesopens PDF file
  8. Incentive Inventory & Log Sampleopens EXCEL file
  9. Fixed Asset Request Sampleopens PDF file

Section 4 – Programmatic Requirements

  1. Proud Parenting Programmatic Requirements PowerPointopens PDF file
  2. Sample Comprehensive Monitoring Visit (CMV) Toolopens PDF file
  3. General Expectation for On-Site CMVopens PDF file
  4. Principles of Effective Intervention PowerPointopens PDF file

Section 5 – Fiscal Responsibilities

  1. Fiscal Responsibilities PowerPointopens PDF file
  2. Invoice Workbook Sampleopens PDF file
  3. Invoice Supporting Documentationopens PDF file
  4. Grantee Audit Requirementsopens PDF file
  5. Examples of Eligible & Ineligible Project Costsopens PDF file

Section 6 – Data Collection & Evaluation Requirements

  1. Data Collection & Reporting Presentationopens PDF file
  2. Local Evaluation Plan & Report Guidelinesopens PDF file
  3. Local Evaluation Plan Rubricopens PDF file
  4. PPGP LEP Guidelines_Question Template _Draft 2.22opens WORD file
  5. Race & Ethnicity Formopens WORD file
  6. AB1998opens PDF file
  7. Evaluator Rolesopens PDF file
  8. Data Collection Tipsopens PDF file
  9. Evaluation Resourcesopens PDF file
  10. Statewide Logic Modelopens PDF file
  11. Important Datesopens PDF file