Juvenile Facility Status Due to COVID-19

COVID Response in Facilities

In response to Governor’s Executive Order No. 25-20, and in consultation with the California Department of Public Health, it is recommended that adult local detention facilities suspend in-person visitation (except legal visits). This guidance was sent March 12, 2020 to adult local facilities. COVID-19 and BSCC Reporting Requirements


It is also recommended that juvenile detention facilities consider other alternative placements, working in coordination with other public health and safety officials and the juvenile court. A suspension of in-person visitation may be warranted for individual facilities and especially in cases where social distancing of six feet per person cannot be maintained. This guidance was sent to juvenile facilities in a memo March 13, 2020. COVID-19 and BSCC Juvenile Visitation Guidance.


Facilities are reporting status to the BSCC daily. Suspension of the Title 15 regulations governing visitation triggers a two-week window for the BSCC Board Chair to respond. The Chair evaluates the circumstances of each request to determine whether a suspension of regulations is warranted.  With respect to suspensions due to COVID-19, the State’s Department of Public Health has recommended the suspension of in-person visitation for state and local detention facilities and the Chair will be approving requests to suspend Title 15 regulations regarding visitation with that guidance in mind.


To see current facility status of emergency suspensions of standards due to COVID-19 go to Juvenile Suspension of Standards. Facility status is updated in real time.


BSCC Guidance on Detention Facility Evacuations


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