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Proposition 47 Scoring Panel: Seeking Membership

Proposition 47 Grant Program

The Proposition 47 Scoring Panel will read and rate proposals and develop grant award recommendations for the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC). The Proposition 47 Grant Program provides funding for mental health treatment, substance use disorder treatment, and diversion programs for people in the criminal justice system. The grant also provides housing-related assistance and other community-based supportive services, including job skills training, case management and civil legal services.

Proposition 47 Scoring Panel

The BSCC is requesting statements of interest from people who have experience and expertise in homelessness and housing, behavioral health and substance abuse treatment, and effective rehabilitative treatment for adults and juveniles. In particular, the BSCC will seek representatives from relevant state and local government entities, community-based treatment and service providers, and people with lived experience in the criminal justice system. In addition, Scoring Panel members should reflect California’s diverse population in terms of perspectives, backgrounds, professional expertise, life experience, and geographical representation.

Time Commitment

Interested participants must be available for all-day meetings in Sacramento on:

At these meetings participants will receiving briefings on Proposition 47, the Scoring Panel’s role, prior Executive Steering Committee activities, and guidance on reviewing and rating proposals.

Interested in the Proposition 47 Scoring Panel?

There are important responsibilities and considerations that you must consider before you determine whether you can serve on this Scoring Panel. This is the same information that must be considered by Executive Steering Committee Members. Please review the information provided in the following link: About Executive Steering Committees. If you can meet the described responsibilities and time commitment, please submit one email that includes the following:

  1. Email Subject Line:  Proposition 47 Scoring Panel
  2. Email Body:
- Your Name:
- Geographical part of California you represent:
- Name of your organization (if any):
- Statement of Interest: Your statement that indicates how your participation will contribute to this grant.
  1. Submission: please submit this information to

You will receive an automated reply after submitting your email. If you do not receive a response, please contact Patricia Ferguson at

We invite anyone who is interested in being a member of the Scoring Panel to submit a statement of interest. All interested participants will receive an email no later than January 17, 2019 regarding the Proposition 47 Scoring Panel.

Thank you for your volunteering your time, knowledge, and experience for the Proposition 47 Scoring Panel.