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Juvenile Titles 15 and 24 Regulations Revision

November 15, 2017 ESC Meeting     The Juvenile Title 15 and 24 Regulations Revision ESC Meeting will be audio-streamed. Click Here to Listen.

Meeting Agenda

Briefing Material 

September 6 &7, 2017 ESC Meeting

Briefing Material

Meeting Agenda

Plan for Public Comment:

The BSCC will be accepting public comment prior to, and during, the September 6 & 7th Juvenile Regulations Revision Executive Steering Committee (ESC) meeting.

Comments prior to the meeting: We will be accepting written public comment on proposed revisions prior to the ESC meeting, CLICK HERE and follow instructions to submit comments. Written comment submitted prior to September 1st will be provided to ESC members in advance of the meeting.  Comments received after September 1st will be printed and handed to ESC members at the meeting.

Comments during the meeting:  Public comment will be accepted throughout the September 6 & 7th ESC meeting.  Members of the public will be given the opportunity to provide comment prior to the ESC vote on each workgroup's proposed revisions.  There will also be opportunity for public comment during the introductory portion of the agenda, prior to the workgroup presentations.  Please see agenda for additional detail.

Members of the public will generally be given two minutes for each public comment. The Chairs may allow for additional public comment when deemed appropriate to include sufficient information on which to base the decisions made by the ESC. 

Workgroup Meetings

March 9, 2017 ESC Meeting

ESC Notes | Attachment A

Meeting Agenda

For a list of Executive Steering Committee Members click here

To access briefing material click here


Title 15 Regulations
Title 24 Regulations – Part 1
Title 24 Regulations – Part 2 
Office of Administrative Law’s Guide to Public Participation 
Questions?  Contact Ginger Wolfe ( or 916-323-8621) or Allison Ganter ( or 916-323-8617)