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Juvenile Justice Standing Committee (JJSC)

The Juvenile Justice Standing Committee was formed to assist in fulfilling the statutory requirements in relation to a wide range of juvenile justice issues that fall within the purview of the BSCC.


Key Responsibilities

The committee membership provides a vast array of diversity, expertise and geographic representation; each member represents an important discipline related to the mission to advise the Board on the primary juvenile justice mandates and issues that fall by code and by tradition to BSCC.

“The Principles of Juvenile Justice Development” was compiled by the JJSC members to reflect policies and best practices that have become widely accepted in juvenile justice professional and stakeholder communities based on recent research, developmental science, legislative changes, and state and federal court decisions.

The Principles of Juvenile Justice Development - PDF

AB 1998: Disaggregation of Juvenile Justice Data by Race and Ethnicity, Juvenile Justice Standing Committee Recommendations - PDF

JJSC Meeting Schedule, Agendas and Minutes

JJSC Membership