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Data and Research Standing Committee

The Data and Research Standing Committee was formed to support the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) in addressing its legislative mandates to collect and maintain available information and data about state and community correctional policies, practices, capacities, and needs, including but not limited to prevention, intervention, suppression, supervision, and incapacitation, as they relate to both adult corrections, juvenile justice, and gang problems; this will include resources and data to inform and assist local decision-makers concerning promising and evidence-based practices and strategies from California jurisdictions and national research. Additionally, the BSCC is to seek advice from a balanced range of stakeholders and subject matter experts on issues pertaining to adult corrections and juvenile justice.

Toward that end, the BSCC Board established a Data and Research Standing Committee in January 2013.

The purpose of this committee is to work with BSCC staff on the development of a comprehensive data collection plan, the coordination of data collection efforts by the BSCC with other entities to avoid duplication of effort, and to leverage resources of various groups focusing on the same or similar data collection goals and objectives.

2014 Meeting Schedule

Locations and Meting Times - TBD

BSCC Board Member Susan Mauriello, County Administrative Officer, Santa Cruz County, serves as the Committee Chair.

Committee Membership: